Finding Joy Amidst the Holiday Chaos


“More than anything, finding joy in the holidays is about giving ourselves permission to slow down and savor the little moments”

Tis the season for holiday events and parties of all types. These days it is harder than ever to actually enjoy all the festive opportunities this season offers. Whether struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating, or just everyday busy-ness, the holidays can amplify stress rather than provide a reprieve from it. So, how do we set aside the chaos and make room for joy?

While the holidays may feel like a landmine at times, building in time for your own favorite festive activities is a sure fire way of balancing out the potential for stress. For some that might be spending low-key time with family or friends, for others it might be quiet time in a house of worship, for others still the best holiday memories are traditional activities like decorating the Christmas tree. Making time for yourself and finding joy over the holidays doesn’t have anything to do with making sure you attend every event and complete every task on your to do list. In fact, more than anything, finding joy in the holidays is about giving ourselves permission to slow down and savor the little moments instead.

So, go ahead and take a moment – even if you feel you don’t have one – to reflect on what you actually are looking forward to this holiday season. Choose a few activities or people that consistently bring you joy and truly protect the time you spent engaged with those things or people. Savoring those moments, however fleeting, will leave you feeling fulfilled rather than purely exhausted come 2015.

Wishing you moments of joy and peace this holiday season.